Say no to heart disease

Av Patrick Holford

Updated with the latest scientific findings and aimed at both men and women, this practical book has all the information you need on diet, supplements, exercise and stress reduction to enable you to devise a heart-healthy action plan that's right for you.

If you are concerned about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels or your chances of having a heart attack or stroke, Say No to Heart Disease is invaluable. If you have already suffered with heart disease, this book will help you maximise your recovery.


• How to minimise your chances of a heart attack or stroke

• Ways to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure without drugs

• How to prevent and reverse arterial disease and damage

• Guidance on how to maximise recovery after a stroke or heart attack

• Natural yet life-saving changes you need to make to your lifestyle

314 s. Utgitt i 2012. På engelsk.

kr 169,00