Herbal Medication

- a clinical and dispensary handbook

Successful herbal medication comprises the use of the right herb in the right form at the right time. Achieving this requires the combination of a sound understanding of the underlying therapeutic principles, a thorough knowledge of the Materia Medica, and a perfection of the practical techniques of herbal preparation, their advantages and disadvantages in any one prescription. 

Correct assessment, correct choice of herb and preparation to its most effective form are all essential to the resolution of the patient's problem. Together, the three sections of this handbook cover all these aspects of treatment.

Intended for the clinical student and newly qualified practitioner, this book provides both a practical manual and a bridge between student courses and the more specialist repertories. This handbook on herbal medication is the result of many years of clinical experience and will provide a practical reference for the consulting room and the dispensary.

About the authors: Husband and wife team A.W. and L.R Priest had been engaged in the practice of natural therapeutics for more than 35 years, during the major part of which they had been involved in the teaching of professional students at all levels. Mr. A.W. Priest was a Director of Education for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

2020, Priest & Priest

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